Neon is a fictonal, unrealistic-colored cat in a series called The Cats of the Seven Tribes. 
Neon TCotST



Neon is a respectful, happy cat, but that doesn't mean she's cheerful all the time. She's slightly over-sensitive and gets frightened very easily. She doesn't like to fight most of the time but she will when she has to.


As well as the other characters, Neon is stronger than the average cat. Similar to Lightningstripe, her attacks focus more on agility than clawing and biting.


Neon's main pelt color is black. She has a large bang similarly shaped to Shokora's, colored yellow, orange and red. Her eyes are colored all colors of the rainbow. She has fluffy chest fur, that is purple, cyan and green. She has a tail that has all the colors of the rainbow.