Lunaris is a fictional, unrealistic-colored cat in a series called The Cats of the Seven Tribes. 

lol i cant do tcost art style anymore


Lunaris acts lady-like and preforms tasks in a civilised manner. She has a strong British accent and sounds very mature, her tone is almost always very calm. She has a habit of fluttering her eyelashes when she's scared or nervous and despite her looks she is not a flirt, but because of this habit some cats see her as so.


Lunaris is, along with all the other characters, more strong then an average cat. However, out of all the cats she is most probably the weakest. Lunaris is very fragile and has a skinny figure and a small frame, so she is knocked about very easily.

However, she is a great diplomat and negociator, very intelligent and her motherly vibe seems to let her gain the trust of most other cats.


Lunaris' main pelt color is a light grey. Her back paws are a darker grey and she has fur on her chest of the same colour. Her eyes are cyan, the same cyan colour that streaks her hair and tail. Her tail, apart from these streaks are white. Her ears are also white, but their insides are dark grey. She has hairclips on both sides of her head, patterned with a cresent moon and a star. Lunaris has long, thick eyelashes and always gives off a well-groomed feminine vibe.

Lunaris finds herself often followed by male-cats and is often complimented on her appearance, even though she thought this was flattering at first she begun to get annoyed by it. She found that the male cats wanted her for her body and not her personality. This may be why she loves Shiroakai; because of his somewhat blindness he cannot really see what she completely looks like, therefore he focusses more on her personality.