Lightningstripe is a fictional, unrealistic-colored cat in a series called The Cats of the Seven Tribes. 
Lightningstripe Full Body

My first time in a while drawing in this style, so it isn't really perfect.


Lightningstripe is highly arrogant, confident, conceited and holds high standards. He has a massive ego considering himself the "best cat" and holds everyone else in low regard and often brags about his skills. While he is willing to praise others, he usually makes his complements short and follows up with an insult.  (text taken from here)


Along with all the other characters, Lightningstripe is stronger than the average cat. His methods of attack are unique, though: His attacking seems to be based more on agility than clawing and biting.


Lightningstripe's main fur color is dark gray. He has red and light gray lightning bolts all over his body, and a light gray flame-like marking at his left eye. His left eye is red, and his right eye is green. He is more furry than most of the other characters. He has a large bang covering his right eye, with a red lightning bolt marking on it.


  • Lightningstripe is the only character who doesn't have anime human-like eyes.