Iris is a fictional, unrealistic-colored cat in a series called The Cats of the Seven Tribes. 

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Iris' personality is somewhat comparable to Cyanglow's - she just wants to help bring peace to the land and she is very serious about it. She is very loyal to help anyone who isn't against bringing peace, unless it gets in the way of her tribe's well-being. She is trustworthy and will keep any secrets you tell her, unless they are at all evil. She will often go on hunts to find any information of evil she can and bring the reports to Cyanglow.


Like all the other characters, Iris is stronger then the average cat; except, she is debately the strongest. She also can tell when someone is lying to her by using spiritual energy to sense their pulse. She's also exetemly brave and ready to take risks, which helps her in battle. When she is in her rage form (see below), she also has more abilities.

Rage FormEdit

If she feels extereme emotion, she will go into a rage. When in a rage, she becomes stronger. Her markings light up, the two spots on her tails will become red and light up, her eyes will light up, her claws and teeth will sharpen by a large amount, she will be engulfed in rage and will therefore be merciless.


Iris' main fur color is white. She has a red mark across her face, looking similar to a siamese cat's head marking, except "thinner". Her ears are black. The inside of her ears are white. She has a marking of her tribe's symbol on her thigh that she tattooed there. She has red spots on her front legs. She has dark turquoise-colored eyes. She has two large white rectancles on the back of her tail.


  • Iris was submitted by MissAquaAnime.