Gold is a fictional and unrealistic-colored cat in a series called The Cats of the Seven Tribes. 


Gold's evil plan is to rule the world with the crystals. His personality is quiet, cold, and overall un-kind and unplayful. Gold's personality is simple, yet interesting, and has not much words to explain it in - mostly just cold.


As well as all the other characters, Gold is stronger then the average cat - and he is actually the strongest character in the franchise, in terms of basic strength. 


Gold's main pelt color is black. He has a fluffy chest, colored a bright yellow. His front left paw and back right paw are white, and his front right paw and back left paw are a bright yellow. The edges of his side parting are a bright yellow. The end of his tail is a bright yellow color. The inside of his ears are white. He has bright yellow-colored eyes.


  • Gold appears to be based slightly off of the Sonic character, Shadow the Hedgehog, mostly in terms of personality.
  • Gold was originally going to be an adoptable cat, but the maker of him decided to keep him, because of liking the design. He was later used in The Cats of the Seven Tribes.
  • VanillaTheCat has talked with the owner of Lightning about Lightning being Gold's possible love interest.